Summer 2010 Research Projects

During the summer of 2010 the following exciting and challenging research projects took place across NMU’s campus by McNair scholars:

Kate Abrahamsson

  • Faculty Mentor: Erich Ottem, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: The role of brain derived neurotrophic factor in the onset of neuromuscular disease.
Kurt Benckendorf
  • Facutly Mentor: Alec Lindsay, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Avian Recording via Automated Audio Monitoring

Paula Fata

  • Faculty Mentor: Dale Kapla, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: The Constitutionality of Firearm Prohibition on Universities of Higher Education.

Hunter Harig

  • Faculty Mentor: Jackie Bird, DVM, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Prevalence of Echinococcus granulosus in wolves killed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan over multiple years.

Ryan Haskell

  • Faculty Mentor: Robert Goodrich, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Habsburg Immigration to Michigan

Nancy Kenok

  • Faculty Mentor: Alex Ruuska, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: World Heritage Sites and Tourism in Peru and the United States.

Joe Masters

  • Faculty Mentor: Timothy Hilton, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Targeting Resources for Paroled Native American on the Reservations

Emily Perdue

  • Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Allen. Ph.D.
  • Resarch Project: Tracing the Origins and Significance of Political Leadership
Andrea Selmser
  • Faculty Mentor: Debra Morley, MD, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Traumatic Brain Injury Correlation and with headache and other cognitive and psychological variables.

Linda Sirois

  • Faculty Mentor: Leslie Larkin, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: 20th Century African American Literature

Emily Sprengelmeyer

  • Faculty Mentor: Alan Rebertus, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Spruce budworm infestation and woodland caribou activity on the Slate Islands

Quentin Sprengelmeyer

  • Facutly Mentor: Alan Rebertus, Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Distributal patterns of arctic disjunt flora in relation to geology, topography, and microclimate on the Slate Islands, Lake Superior

Eva Statler

  • Faculty Mentor: Mohey Mowafy Ph.D.
  • Research Project: Orthorexia
  • Eva also worked with Adam Prus, Ph.D. during the summer of 2010 as a research assistant, working in the Psychopharmacology lab on a radial arm maze.