Summer 2014 Research

Summer 2014 McNair Research and Scholarly Projects

This summer 14 McNair Scholars will undertake major research projects overseen by faculty mentors.

Katelin Bingner

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Alec Lindsay, Biology
  • Project: "Intial annotation of Gavia immer genome" 

Chandler Countryman

  • Faculty Mentors - Jill Leonard, Biology, NMU & Nannette Chadwick, Biological Sciences, Auburn University
  • Project - Comparison of Life History Patterns of the Cleaner Shrimps Ancylomenes pedersoni and Periclimenes yucatanicus

Willow Grosz

  • Faculty Mentor - Dan Gocella, English
  • Project - "Maybe I Should Say" (A collection of creative short story fiction)

Gabrielle Hoffman

  • Faculty Mentor - Scott Demel, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Project - Micro-wear Analysis: Using Natural Dyes to Examine Polishes

Katherine Biang

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Mitchell Klett, Education
  • Project - Moral Development and Conflict Resolution in Early Childhood: An Observational Study

Michelle McGuire

  • Faculty Mentor - Christi Edge, Education
  • Project - 

Emily Mydlowski

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Jill Leonard, Biology
  • Project - Common fiddler crab (Uca sp.) habitat preference in artificial tide pool

Nathaniel Crane

  • Faculty Mentor - Jill Leonard, Biology
  • Project - Growth, condition and morphology of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis​) in different rearing habitats

Cierra LaBelle

  • ​Faculty Mentor: Jill Leonard, Biology
  • Project - Geometric Morphometrics of yellow perch, Perca flavesecens, and the creek chub, Semolitus atromaculates, over time 

Kurt Benckendorf

  • Faculty Mentor - Katherine Menard, Nursing
  • Project - Exploring the outcomes of peer mentorship through simulation

Kurt Kilpela

  • Faculty Mentor - Mike Kowalczyk, Math and Computer Science

Keara Kangas

  • Faculty Mentor - Josh Carlson, Psychology

Nick Bohn

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Robert Belton, Biology