Summer 2013 Research

Summer 2013 McNair Research Projects

The following research projects were approved for summer 2013 research:

Stephanie Beeman

  • Faculty Mentor: Mounia Ziat, Ph.D.
  • Project- Tactile Attention and Multisensory Integration

Rozemary Howard

  • Faculty Mentor: Erich Ottem, Ph.D.
  • Project- Detection of mRNA in Dendrites

Taylor Johnson

  • Faculty Mentor- Jessica Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Project- Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Mediated Modeling Process: A Case Study of the Weeks Bay Marsh Project.

David Seramur

  • Faculty Mentor- Marguerite Moore, Ph.D.
  • Project- Neurocognitive Recovery Patterns in Youth Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

Rebecca Allers

  • Faculty Mentor: Timothy Hilton, Ph.D.
  • Project: Barriers to Food Security for Low-Income, Rural Families in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Nick Bohn

  • Faculty Mentor- Robert Belton, Ph.D.
  • Project- Characterization of Tumor-Derived Exosomes from Glioblastoma Cells

Mark Cook

  • Faculty Mentor- Hugo Eyzaguirre, Ph.D.
  • Project: Unemployment of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Justin Cribley

  • Faculty Mentor- Jill B.K. Leonard, Ph.D.
  • Project: Habit selection by longnose dace (Rhinichthhys cataractae) in an artificial stream setting

Alicia DenHerder

  • Faculty Mentor- Scott Drum, Ph.D.
  • Project: Efficacy of Different Self-Myofascial Release Interventions on Recovery Between Acute, Maximal Bouts of Exercise: A Pilot Study

Michael Flores

  • Faculty Mentor- Amy Hamilton, Ph.D.
  • Project: Space, Land, Identity: A Critical Study of Representations of the U.S.-Mexico Border

Taylor Freund

  • Faculty Mentor- Harry Whitaker, Ph.D.
  • Project- Strengthening Connections between lexical and phonological nodes: How reading aloud improves word retrieval and working memory.

Rory Jackson

  • Faculty Mentor- John Rebers, Ph.D.
  • Project: Quantification of chitin binding of R&R consensus sequence from Anopheles gambiae

Rachel McOwusu

  • Faculty Mentor- Deanna Trella, Ph.D.
  • Project: Differential Rates of Risk-Taking Behaviors by Assets: Sexual Health Behaviors & Attitudes of Marquette Alger County Youth

Emily Mydlowski

  • Faculty Mentor- Alan Rebertus, Ph.D., Graduate Student Mentor- Emily Sprengelmeyer
  • Project- Effects of myrmecochory and associated ant species on plant distribution

Ryan Passino

  • Faculty Mentor- Robert Belton, Ph.D.
  • Project- Neural Stem Cell Tropism to Glioblastoma LN229 Cells

Ethan Scott

  • Faculty Mentor- Katherine Teeter, Ph.D.
  • Project- DNA methylation in imprinted genes in hybrid mice