Summer 2012 Research

Summer 2012 Research Projects

As of August 2012, the following research proposals have been approved by the McNair office for summer 2012 research. Each of the following scholars will work with their faculty mentors to tackle challenging research assignments during the summer months.

Rozemary Howard

Matt Cowling

  • Faculty Mentor: Robert Belton, Ph.D.
  • Project- Characterization of basigin isoform-3 localization in human corcinomas.

Brittney Dodge

  • Faculty Mentor: Alec Lindsay, Ph.D.
  • Project- The Identification of Unknown Bird Feathers Using DNA- Barcoding

Emily Hansen

  • Faculty Mentor- Martin Reinhardt, Ph.D.
  • Project: Decolonizing the diet: an exploration of the indigenous foods diet regime

Rozemary Howard

  • Faculty Mentor- Erich Ottem, Ph.D.
  • Project: Detection of mRNA in Dendrites

D'Juana Jackson

  • Faculty Mentor: Patricia Hogan, Ph.D.
  • Project: The relationship between various levels of physical activity, social capital and retention in Northern Michigan University students.

Jeremy Leight

  • Faculty Mentor- Alan Rebertus, Ph.D.
  • Project- Clarifying the association between the federally threatened Pitcher's thistle, Cirsium pitcheri, and the little bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium

Ricki Oldenkamp

  • Faculty Mentor- Susan Kapla, Ph.D.
  • Project: Orangutan mother-infant dyads: social learning during tool use field experiments

Emily Perdue

  • Faculty Mentor- Timothy Hilton, Ph.D.
  • Project: What the interactions between poverty, neglect and involvement in the child welfare system look like on a local level.

David Seramur

  • Faculty Mentor- Phillip Watts, Ph.D.
  • Project: Literature Review of Graston Technique v. ASTYM

Brittany Schryvers

  • Faculty Mentor- Francella Quinnell, Ph.D.
  • Project: Jealousy in Friendships

Ashley Schmeling

  • Faculty Mentor- Adam Prus, Ph.D.
  • Project- Working Memory Assessment of Brown Norway Rats in Radial Arm Maze Apparatus

Rachel Sines

  • Faculty Mentor- Alan Rebertus, Ph.D.
  • Project: Calypso orchid studies in the Grand Sable Dunes, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Mandy Taisto

  • Faculty Mentor- Erich Ottem, Ph.D.
  • Project: Progressive Myopathy in Transgenic Mice