Fee Waivers and Fellowships

One of the many perks of being a McNair scholar is that many universities across the country offer special incentives to attract McNair graduates.  These incentives range from application fee waivers to fellowships. 

A list of these incentives is maintained by the Council for Opportunity in Education. As the numbers of McNair programs grow throughout the country, more and more schools are adding incentives so this list may not be all inclusive. Scholars who are interested in particular graduate schools are encouraged to contact that graduate studies office to find out if incentives are provided for McNair scholars.

McNair Fee Waivers and Fellowship Opportunities

In addition to the list provided by the Council for Opportunity in Education, there are several other resources you can find on the McNair website to assist you with finding funding for your graduate education. Check out the resource page or stop by the McNair office to chat about funding possibilities.