Faculty Mentorships

Mentoring is a key component of the McNair Scholars program and many of Northern’s faculty members tirelessly dedicate their time, energy and experience as faculty mentors. Mentors play a vital role in the overall success of the McNair Program by helping scholars plan their research and academic programs, assisting in the development of research skills, and planning and preparing scholars for admission into graduate programs.

student and mentorOne of the first tasks of a McNair scholar is to identify potential faculty mentors in your major area of study. Scholars are encouraged to seek out a mentor they feel they will work well with, but the McNair staff can also assist scholars with introductions to faculty who have expressed interest in being a mentor. Scholars will need to ask their prospective mentor about their research interests, what work they could do, what hours they would work, what publication opportunities are available and about the level of personal support the mentor can provide. Scholars are encouraged to interview several potential mentors, as research success depends on scholars and mentors having an excellent relationship and having all expectations addressed at the start.

Previous Faculty Mentors