Publication Approval

A university publication or official correspondence (funded by grant or a general fund) is defined as printed or electronic matter originated and produced by NMU faculty or staff (or students under the direction of faculty or staff) that is intended - either wholly or in part - for an external audience. It does not include:

  • Items produced by student organizations with funds generated by student fees. Classroom support materials intended solely for students enrolled in a specific course. Internal only letters or memoranda.
  • Other materials for internal use only.

University-sponsored publications must be designed to show Northern Michigan University as the primary provider. If the publication describes a school, department, division or program, that entity must be portrayed in the context of the university as a whole and keep with overall university goals and objectives.

All publications intended wholly or in part for an external audience must be approved by the university editor or the director of University Marketing and Communications prior to printing/transmission. Revision of prior publications may not require this action. The above description includes media advertising.

If you are uncertain whether your publication or brochure should be reviewed, contact University Marketing and Communications.