Promote Your Event

Are you ready to promote your on-campus event? 

Before promoting your event, determine: 

  • Who, what, where and when

  • Description

  • Cost and sponsorships

  • Websites & URL

  • Additional Information (Things to bring, registration deadline, etc.)

Promotional Checklist:

1. Design work can be completed by University Marketing and Communications or Promotional Services (Center for Student Enrichment). 
  • University Marketing and Communications Office
    • This service is provided by students and full-time staff in UMC. Turn-around is determined after talking to a full-time staff member from this office and will vary based on deadline, projects in the office, etc. No cost except for printing or advertising costs.
  • Promotional Services
    • This service is provided through the Center for Student Enrichment. The students in this office can complete orders in 72 hours. Rates can be found at, which does not include printing.
  • Printing costs approximately $.50 for 8.5x11 and $1 for 11" x 17"​​​​​​
  • When posting, make sure to reference the posting policy and the list of posting places on campus to promote at all spots on campus. 
2. Request publicity assistance from UMC:
  • Press releases to local media
  • Northern’s official social media channels
    • NMU Instagram Story Feature: Every Monday morning, a student from a registered student organization may come and promote an event taking place. Information: 
      • Student member must be present for recording. 
      • The event must be open to all students. 
      • General announcements about meetings or bake sales are not permitted. 
      • Student organizations may sign-up for up to 3 slots a semester (limit one slot/month)
      • Student organizations cannot promote outside business. 
      • Call (906-227-2439), email (, or stop by 1205 University Center to check availability and sign-up for a slot. 
  • Other possibilities: LCD Screens, Northern Magazine, paid advertising (Marquette Monthly, MQT Mining Journal, North Wind and others)

 3. Add to the NMU Master Calendar

4. Add to Student Connect as an announcement or calendar event
5. Consider these additional options:
  • Contact the North Wind to see if they will do a story about your event. To do this, contact the North Wind editor at
  • Reserve TV screen slides in campus dining facilities. To do this, contact CSE at or 227-2439.
  • Request that your event be promoted on the scoreboard with other public announcements at football or hockey games. Contact Kathy Malay, ​​, x2567.
  • Chalk for your event. Note that chalkings cannot be within 20 feet of a building entrance. It must be on the sidewalks, not pillars or any other surfaces.