Photography Request

University Marketing and Communications employs a staff photographer and one-three student photographers, depending on the time of the year. While we attempt to make their services available to the whole campus, their primary responsibilities are to capture images and video that can be used in recruitment materials and they have limited availability. To request photo or video services, please complete the form located at the button below:

Photo/Video Request

In the event that UMC isn't able to provide a photographer, you can explore these other options:

  • Utilize your smart phone camera. Phone cameras continue to advance in technology and oftentimes are capable of capturing high enough resolution images to share on social media or other platforms.
  • Contract with a commercial photographer. Refer to the procedures for contracting commercial photographers for more information on going this route.

To request an official UMC photographer's services, please email with the details of your request.

Official NMU Photo/Video/Audio Release Form