Physics Students Present at Conference

Adzima with her poster
Adzima with her posterHunter with her poster
Hunter with her posterJacobs

Two Northern Michigan University physics students Ashley Adzima and Rachel Hunter presented their research at the national meeting of the American Physical Society in New Orleans.

Adzima’s presentation was titled “Neutron Detection Efficiency Optimization Studies of the Neutron Polarimeter for the C-GEN Electric Form Factor at Jefferson National Laboratory” and is an ongoing project in collaboration with NMU Physics Professor William Tireman.

Hunter's presentation was titled "Testing for a Sterile Neutrino in Computer Models of the RNPS Short Baseline Nuclear Reactor Experiments" and completed in collaboration with Vanderbilt University and Washington State University as part of a summer research program. 

NMU Physics Professor Mark Jacobs accompanied the students to the conference.

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March 31, 2017