NMU Prof Co-Authors TPP Lesson Plan

Tawni Ferrarini, Sam M. Cohodas Professor of Economics at NMU, coauthored a lesson plan related to one of the contentious issues of the recent presidential campaign: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The piece explained why economists disagree with the special interest argument presented by the presidential candidates. It was featured at the 55th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference, a nationwide meeting of K–12 educators, CEE affiliates from across the country, Federal Reserve partners and other educators in the field. To see the plan coauthored with Steven Day of Virginia Commonwealth University, click here.  

By invitation, Ferrarini is now the lead author of a piece for Social Education on the net economic benefits of international trade. Her coauthor is James Gwartney of Florida State University. 

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News Director
November 9, 2016