NMU Partners with Gwinn on Concurrent Enrollment

President Erickson at Gwinn High School
President Erickson at Gwinn High School

Northern Michigan University and Gwinn High School administrators on Tuesday formalized an agreement to offer concurrent enrollment to Gwinn High School students. Concurrent enrollment is part of the Northern Promise, which gives high school students the opportunity to complete college credits prior to high school graduation at no tuition cost. A number of options for courses, including English, math, computer science and art and design, are being explored and promoted. 

Steve VandenAvond, vice president for extended learning and community engagement, said because Gwinn is a more rural district relative to other Northern Promise partners, there is the potential to engage smaller school districts in the Gwinn area that wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in the program. Students from those surrounding districts might either travel to Gwinn High School or use distance learning technology to earn NMU credit through concurrent enrollment.

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April 26, 2016