NMU Dining Partners with Local Farm for Fresh Eggs

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Luke Bell with Sharon Carey and Paul Schoonveld of NMU Dining
Luke Bell with Sharon Carey and Paul Schoonveld of NMU DiningThe Bell Family of BSB Farms
The Bell Family of BSB Farms

Northern Michigan University Dining Services locations now use cage-free, pasture-raised chicken eggs from a local supplier through a new partnership with BSB Farms in Skandia.

“Our mission to achieve student satisfaction by providing delicious, well-balanced meals and exceptional guest service is strengthened when we provide the freshest ingredients possible,” said Nathan Mileski, certified executive chef with NMU Dining Services. “This partnership is a great addition to the sustainability initiatives that NMU Dining strives for. It supports a local farm while facilitating a smaller footprint.”

BSB Farms was established in 2008 by Luke and Heather Bell. The couple’s eight children and three extended family members assist with the operation. The Bells own about 4,000 Isa Brown chickens and their farm produces 320 dozen eggs each day. BSB Farms makes two deliveries per week to different NMU Dining locations.

“We are local; not downstate local, but 15 minutes away local,” said NMU alumnus Luke Bell, who holds an associate degree in building technology (1997) and a bachelor's in construction management (2000). “We decided to sell eggs because people loved what we were doing with our chickens and it created a demand for the eggs. We have been trying to keep up ever since. We started raising our own chickens so that my children and I knew we were getting a healthy egg.”

According to Stephanie Raboin, NMU Dining Services marketing manager, studies have shown that free-range, grass-fed chickens produce eggs lower in cholesterol and saturated fats, with more vitamins A and E, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. She said there is also a noticeable taste difference. 

For more information, contact Raboin at 227-2588 or sraboin@nmu.edu.

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April 6, 2016