Coca-Cola Recognizes NMU Student's Repurposed Jewelry

Norkooli's necklace
Norkooli's necklace

NMU student Kimberly Norkooli is one of four artists highlighted on the Coca-Cola website for repurposing the company’s recyclable bottles, cans and bottle caps into hip jewelry. Norkooli is a health information processing major who also operates an Etsy shop, EtchingNJewelry. She was inspired by a movie to create her choker-style necklace adorned with silver Coke bottle caps.

The description of Norkooli on the Coca-Cola website reads as follows:

"Norkooli got into making jewelry through a circuitous path. Her mother and stepfather had a stained glass shop and after learning that skill, she also learned glass etching and fell in love with it. The glass etching led to her making jewelry and she sold some glass-etched jewelry in her parents’ store.

Inspiration struck one night when she was watching the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. At one point in the movie, the main character is wearing a choker-style necklace made with silver Coke bottle caps. Se loved how it looked. While a challenge to find unused bottle caps, she tracked down sources including buying six-packs of glass bottles. After experimenting, she was able to figure out how to place the holes and how to smooth the crimped edges, and eventually she was able to create a design that was close to the one in the movie.

‘Most of my family including myself have always been Coke drinkers. My brother is a devoted Diet Coke lover. I adore Cherry Coke, and most of the family on my father's side enjoys (classic) Coke. I have many reasons for using Coke bottle caps and can tabs. Not only are they fun and attractive accents to jewelry, the caps hold up well, it is a vintage brand and I am keeping things out of the landfill.'

Norkooli has sold about 30 necklaces since August of 2015, and her primary sales are on her Etsy shop, Etching N Jewelry."

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