Invent@NMU Highlights Client Success Stories

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More than 150 ideas have come through Invent@NMU’s doors in its 17 months in operation. The organization has launched a website landing page, “Products and Propulsion,” to house and highlight some of these client success stories.

The stories range from “soup to nuts” projects that experienced the entire five-step Invent process to those that required only navigational direction to propel the idea forward. All are Michigan-based innovators and products.

“It’s an exciting milestone as we are now reaching the stage where we can promote products in the marketplace and it continues to validate the Invent@ process,” said David Ollila, founding director of Invent@NMU. “Every day we’re impressed with the ingenuity from across the state and we’re glad to move these ideas forward and share them with potential customers.”

The featured clients represent all categories of Invent@NMU’s services. Marquette Mounts and Paint Scrubber represent midstream projects; Life Boost LLC represents the funded start-up category; Cultivating Intent and Fearless Fame represent propulsion-only projects; Jug Smuggler and Nail Boards are five-step process participants; and Easy Ice represents the new corporate client services Invent offers.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the students and faculty at Invent@NMU,” said Scott Fata, a featured client on the page. “We appreciate the continued support and promotion of our product, Nail Boards.” 

The landing page showcases and lends further credibility to the work Invent@NMU does to remove the entrepreneurial burden from the innovator. Bob Martin, owner of Marquette Mounts, has worked on his project for three years and said Invent@NMU provided the formal resources he needed to get his concept to market.

“The exposure is very helpful because it’s hard work to get noticed in the busy world of Internet retail and new inventions,” Martin said. “Having Invent on your team gives you another partner to help validate and bring your idea to the market.” 

Invent@NMU specializes in helping people bring their concepts to market. Inventors, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and educators work hand in hand with clients to turn passions into processes.

To see the new landing page, visit For more information, contact David Ollila at 227-6257.

This story was prepared by NMU student Emma Finkbeiner.

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News Director
March 16, 2016