Northern Climate Network Addresses Culpability

The Northern Climate Network at Northern Michigan University will continue its colloquium series with “How Should We Think About Culpability for Climate Change?” NMU philosophy professor Zac Cogley will address the topic at noon on Friday, Feb. 19, in 1320 Jamrich Hall.

“Accounting for individual culpability for climate harms is difficult,” Cogley said. “Even explaining corporate culpability for climate harms is challenging. In this talk, I argue that we might want to accept that no one is culpable for climate harms. Instead, the primary way in which individuals and corporations become culpable is via interfering with political attempts to address climate change.”

The Northern Climate Network is a student-led, campus-wide consortium providing opportunities for faculty, staff, students and community members to discuss and learn about climate change in the local region. Its mission is to share current scholarship on climate change from a wide range of disciplines and to build an interactive database of people interested in working on and teaching about climate change at NMU.

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Student Writer
February 9, 2016