Paris Climate Talks Presentation Friday

The Northern Climate Network at Northern Michigan University is hosting a Climate Network Seminar Series throughout the 2016 winter semester. The series begins with “Paris Climate Talks: What’d They Say and Why?” at noon Friday, Jan. 22, in 1318 Jamrich Hall. Jenn Hill will present the seminar. The public is invited.

The 196 countries in the United Nations are negotiating a global climate agreement. So far, 146 nations have issued climate plans that describe what they will do to address the problem. These plans cover almost 90 percent of emissions on the planet. Hill will discuss how we got this far and what these plans mean for the planet and for the Upper Peninsula.

The Northern Climate Network is a student-led, campus-wide consortium providing opportunities for faculty, staff, students and community members to discuss and learn about climate change in the local region. Its mission is to share current scholarship on climate change from a wide range of disciplines and to build an interactive database of people interested in working on and teaching about climate change at NMU.

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Student Writer
January 18, 2016