NASCAR Author Talks Science of Speed at NMU

MARQUETTE, Mich.— Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, author of The Physics of NASCAR, will present “The Science of Speed: Why driving fast is harder than you think” at Northern Michigan University. The event is scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, in 2904 West Science. It is free and open to the public.   

Leslie-Pelecky uses science to explain why race tracks are banked, why the cars are built without mufflers and why ‘bump drafting’ works. She also gives an inside look at how the speedway winners take the gold. The Physics of NASCAR is the West Virginia University physics professor’s first book. It reveals how race cars reach their maximum speeds. Leslie-Pelecky has a blog on the website and often makes guest appearances on Sirius XM’s Speedway radio.

Leslie-Pelecky received funding from National Science Foundation for her series of twelve videos titled “Science of Speed.” She also has a “Green Racing” video series discussing the principles of fuel economy and diversity

The Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society at NMU is sponsoring her visit. 

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Student Writer
February 27, 2014