MARQUETTE, Mich.—The entire exhibition on display in the back gallery of the DeVos Art Museum has been donated to Northern Michigan University by Aba Teacher's College in Sichuan, China. The 70 pieces featured in the show were created by students and professors at the college. They are valued at nearly $32,000.

Five works will be added to NMU’s permanent art collection: three oil-on-canvas pieces and two ink scroll paintings. The remainder are available for sale to the public. All funds generated will be used for student scholarships. Price lists are available in the museum and range from $50 for some pieces made by students to $3,000 for paintings made by the art professors.

"Recontextualizing Tibetan and Qiang Folk Craft: Artwork from Aba Teachers College, Sichuan, China" is on display at the DeVos Art Museum through Dec. 10.

Students at the college not only learn traditional methods and materials of art making. Their courses also integrate theories of economic and marketing practices, recognizing that their audience for art is based largely on cultural tourism.

The college has taken on the responsibility of preserving traditional folk culture while finding a way to subsist in an international market. This issue was brought to light in the wake of a tragic earthquake in May 2008 that registered 8.0 in magnitude and killed more than 68,000 people. By including traditional art and craft practices in the curriculum, the college hopes to support and preserve Tibetan and Qiang culture while preparing students to navigate the global art world.

"For more information, contact Melissa Matuscak at 227-1481."

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October 18, 2010