MARQUETTE – Of the approximately 18 students from the Northern Michigan University honors program who graduated in May, four received full honors—a rare occurrence in the program’s history.

            Anne Magnuson from Ringle, Wis, Nicole Fadellin from Wauconda, Ill., Janeanne Belmore from Independence, Mo. and Jane Stieber from Boyne City, Mich. not only met NMU’s regular graduation requirements, they also completed all four years of the honors program—a series of interdisciplinary and department-based courses designed for academically talented students.

.           To receive full honors, students must take 24 honors liberal studies credits from interdisciplinary core courses in the first and second years as well as 12 credits in the third and four years that relate to the student’s liberal studies, major or minor requirements.

            The majority of students in the honors program only complete either the first two or last two years, receiving either lower or upper division honors, said honors program director Robert Goodrich.

            “The program is relatively new and has only been running at full speed for six years, which means that few students have had the opportunity to graduate with full honors until now,” Goodrich said. “Also, the demands of the program require that students show ability not only in their major, but also in humanities, foreign languages and mathematics. Not every student, even gifted ones, can meet this demand.”

            The NMU honors program accepts a maximum of 50 students per year. These students are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and an ACT score of 27. They must also provide two letters of reference and write a personal essay.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz