Graphic Identity Standard

As a part of a comprehensive graphic identity program, a consistently used identifying mark helps to establish, convey, and reinforce desired, memorable images; generates internal pride and support; and eliminates confusion in the minds of target audiences.

The visual image reflected by the Northern Michigan University signature plays an integral role in communicating the mission of our institution. The free-flowing lines reflect the open and friendly nature of the university and its people. The use of the green and gold colors represent warmth, growth and the surrounding environ-met. The lines pass through the symbol to illustrate openness and an invitation to new ideas and unrestricted thought. The traditional type style used for the words “Northern Michigan University” reflects our academic heritage and traditional values. Overall, our signature proclaims our pride in academic excellence, our commitment to established traditions, and our willingness to grow.

The identity system outlined in this manual and the guidelines for its applications will help ensure that the university’s many diverse parts have visual consistency. All of those responsible for the production of visual communications produced by or for Northern Michigan University departments, offices or organizations are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in this manual.

We realize that no graphic identity standards manual can cover all situations. Should you have a question, please do not improvise solutions without consulting University Marketing and Communications.

Click here to get a PDF readerNorthern Michigan University's graphic identity standards are available in PDF format. Click on this link to download a copy of the standards. If you do not have a PDF reader, on the PDF icon to download a free reader.