Visiting Faculty

Dr. Zeng Xiao qing
Associate Dean of the School of Economics and Management
Changsha University of Science & Technology
Changsha, China
March 2016-2017
Dr. Zeng from Changsha University of Science and Technology, in China. He is an expert in Big Data Analysis and Data Mining and Optimization.


Dr. Suparta




Dr. I. Nengah Suparta
Ganesha University of Education
Bali, Indonesia

November 2009-January 2010

Dr. Suparta visited NMU on a research grant from his university.  While here he worked on a supplementary text of Abstract Algebra applications, gave a seminar on his primary research area (coding theory), had lengthy and productive discussions about the foundations of mathematical knowledge and discussed mathematics education and programs with mathematics education faculty.

Dr. Tammer

Dr. Christine Tammer
Martin Luther University
Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Fall 2008

Dr. Tammer is an internationally recognized mathematician and was invited to NMU through the International Visiting Scholar Speaker series.  Her research interests are in applied mathematics.

Dr. Kuegler

Dr. Philipp Kuegler
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna, Austria

Summer 2008

Dr. Kuegler was a guest of Dr. Akhtar Khan and they have a common research interest in inverse problems for PDEs and variational inequalities.

Dr. Sama

Dr. Miguel Sama
Escuela Tecnica de Ingenieria Informatica (ITSII)
Madrid, Spain

Summer 2008

Dr. Sama collaborated with Dr. Akhtar Khan on two projects related to the use of tools of nonsmooth optimization for some problems emerging in PDEs and variational inequalities.

Dr. Raciti

Dr. Fabio Raciti
University of Catania
Catania, Italy

Summer 2008

Dr. Raciti finished a paper on quasi-variational inequalities that was started during his last visit to NMU in October 2007.  Dr. Raciti also collaborated with Dr. Akhtar Khan on two projects related to stability issues in inverse problems and variational inequalities.

Professor Haio Cai

Professor Haiou Cai
Remin University of China
Beijing, China

Fall 2007

While Professor Haio Cai was here, she collaborated with Professor Roxin Zhang on a research project related to the Analytic Hierarchy Process and its applications to some problems in economics.  She presented and discussed the outcome of this research  effort in one of the departmental colloquium talks.  In addition, she gave a talk entitled, "Mathematics Education in Renmin University, China", at the Mathematics Association of America Regional Meeting.

Professor Baharum

Professor Adam Baharum
University of Universiti Sains

May-October 2005

While at NMU, Professor Baharum worked on OR maintenance modeling and learning some of the difficult stuff on fractional programming problem theory from Professor Zalmai.  While here, Adam also gave general lectures to math students on early Oriental and Muslim scientists and mathematicians.  He participated and gave a lecture on Universiti Sains Malaysia's mathematics research and academics program during the 'Meeting of the North-West Chapter of University Professors Research Seminar' October 2005, just before he left.  Adam was glad to meet NMU's international community and spent most evenings playing badminton or tennis.