Student Recognition

MCTM Scholarship Awarded to NMU Student

In July 2015, Sam Morey, a secondary education math major, was awarded one of three $2,500 scholarships from the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  An award ceremony will take place at the end of July in Traverse City, Michigan.


Graduate Receives Recognition for 4.0 GPA

CHock_4.0_Student_2015_tall.jpgIn March 2015, graduate Cody Hock received recognition at the Honors Reception for his 4.0 GPA.  Cody was an exceptionally talented and hard-working student who majored in computer science with a minor in mathematics.  Drawing from his interest in football and his past experience playing the sport, his senior project in computer science was to develop a program that predicts winning football teams.  Cody also interned with Allstate Financial Services where he worked on finance and investment software.  He also collaborated with psychology professor Mounia Ziat on brain-computer interface research.  His is a graduate of the Student Leader Fellowship Program as well.


Technology Innovation Award to SEMA Major

Celebration_2015_TIA_Winners.jpgIn March 2015, Sam Morey, a secondary education mathematics major, won the Technology Innovation Award for Students for his work in MA 310 where he used Sketchpad to investigate parametric equations.  He is also working with Dr. David Buhl on a manuscript which illustrates, teaches and models parametric equations by cursively writing your name.



Computer Science Major Named Outstanding Scholarly Athlete of the Month

Cohen_Adair_Award.jpgIn December 2012, NMU computer science major, Cohen Adair, was honored as the Outstanding Scholarly Athlete of the Month for October.  Cohen was nominated for the award by Dr. Olga Herman, his MA 171 Probability and Statistics professor, for being an outstanding student in her class as well as an outstanding freshman hockey player.



American Association of University Women (AAUW) Honors Beck

studen2.jpgJaclyn Beck, a computer science major with a minor in mathematics/chemistry minor, was the recipient of the 2010 Martha Griffiths Award which is granted annually by the Marquette Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).  The award is to honor and recognize a young woman who is seen as having potential.  The criteria are that she be a graduating senior with a good academic background and it is preferred that she be in a field that is not historically associated with women.  Jaclyn was presented with a certificate and a check for $150.


Outstanding Graduating Seniors/Graduate Students

Each year Academic Affairs asks each academic department to nominate one student as its Outstanding Graduating Senior and/or Outstanding Graduating Graduate Student.  These students are honored at the Annual Honors Reception at the end of the academic year.  In addition, our department likes to acknowledge a senior from each of its disciplines (Computer Science/MWEB, Mathematics, Secondary Education Mathematics).

Mr. Kurt Kilpela
2015 Outstanding Graduating Senior


Kurt graduated in December 2014 with a double major in mathematics and computer science.  He has co-authored papers that have been presented at three international conferences and will be presenting at a fourth in May 2015.  His research has included papers on computational complexity, haptics and computer/human interaction, software methodology, as well as the implementation of advanced compilers for dynamic programming languages.  He has served as a paid intern for Intel in Austin and his research into haptics led to a summer research internship at Carnegie Mellon for Disney Imagineering.  In his department, he arranged directed studies that explored topics of interest to a greater depth than the typical undergraduate offerings provided.

Kurt was also named the department's 2015 Outstanding Computer Science Student and Outstanding Mathematics Student.


Ms. Jennifer Vollenweider
2015 Outstanding Graduating Graduate Student

Jennifer graduated in August 2014 with a Master of Science in Mathematics Education.  As part of the degree requirements, she completed a graduate project titled, "Developing Relevant Teaching and Cooperative Learning for Exponential Functions."  Jennifer strove for excellence in all her classes at NMU and her work was always very professional.  She currently teaches mathematics at Forest Park High School in Crystal Falls, Michigan.  She no doubt has high expectations of her own students as her graduate project focused on helping students understand mathematical topics at a deeper level and helping them to become motivated to persevere in problem solving.


Ms. Andrea VegterAVegter.JPG
2015 Outstanding Secondary Education Mathematics Student

Andrea is a secondary education mathematics major with a minor in secondary education history who will be graduating in May 2015.  Her current cumulative GPA is 3.66.  Andrea has spent the winter semester student teaching.



Ms. Megan Kelley
2014 Outstanding Computer Science Student

Megan graduated in December 2013 with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics.  Her overall GPA was a 3.90.  She also had the opportunity to complete an internship with Intel in Oregon.


Mr. Niall Belton
2014 Outstanding Mathematics Student

Niall graduated in May 2014 with a major in secondary education mathematics and a double minor in human biology and chemistry.  His overall GPA was a 3.76.


Mr. Benjamin St. Aubin
2014 Outstanding Secondary Education Mathematics Student

Ben graduated in May 2014 with a major in secondary education mathematics and a minor in secondary education physics.  His overall GPA was a 3.78.  Ben spent his last semester student teaching in Wisconsin.


Mr. Steve A. Jarvis
2013 Outstanding Graduating Senior


Steve will graduate in May 2013 Summa Cum Laude with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics.  As a student athlete, Steve was a

resident weight lifter in the U.S. Olympic Education Center and won 11 medals in national and international competitions.  He also participated in a year-long internship at Intel Corporation in Portland, Oregon, where he helped develop the first generation of Windows 8 tablets.  His experience creating applications for the Android market helped him win a first-place finish in Intel's Common Connectivity Framework programming contest. 

Steve plans to continue his study of computer science in graduate school in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.  As an introduction to the subject area, he created a neural network to recognize handwritten digits as a part of his senior project.