Tutor Labs

Tutoring NMU Math and Computer Science
Tutoring Math & CS

There are several types of tutorial services for students taking Mathematics and Computer Science courses:

Mathematics Tutor Lab:
There is an upper division student available in the Tutor Lab to answer questions and provide explanations.

The tutors' "areas of expertise" are listed here and are also posted outside the Math Lab door.



Computer Science Tutor Lab: There is an upper division student available to answer questions and provide explanations. Computer Science Laboratory (2311 Jamrich

Michael Musolf 2:00p - 4:30p
Evan Kyle 12:00p - 3:00p
Michael Musolf 2:00p - 4:30p
Evan Kyle 12:00p -1:00p & 2:00p - 3:00p



Please contact the Department at 227-2020 for more information on the Mathematics and Computer Science Tutor Labs.

Paid Student Tutors: Students who need more help than can be provided in the Math Lab can pay an upper division student for tutorial help. To obtain such a tutor, contact the Math and Computer Science Department at 227-2020 or math_cs@nmu.edu.

University Tutors: The University provides tutoring help for NMU students in any course. A description of All-Campus Tutoring is posted on bulletin boards throughout campus. More information can be obtained from All Campus Tutoring at 227-2971.

The Khan Academy
Visit the 1000+ videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance.

GRE Preparation:  If you are thinking of studying for an academic master's or doctorate, you will need to take the Graduate Records Examination, or GRE, a standardized test offered by Educational Testing Services. This is a free service offered by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department and is open to the general public.  Tell your friends!