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Computer Science


Mathematics Education


MA103, MA104, MA105, MA106, MA115, MA161, MA231
Satisfies the Foundation of Natural Sciences/Mathematics Division [III] requirement.  Students who complete these courses should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of mathematical logic; use mathematics to solve scientific or mathematical problems in college classes; express relationships in the symbolic language of mathematics; and appreciate the role of mathematics  in  analyzing natural phenomena.
CS101, CS120, CS120A, CS255, MA171
Satisfies the Formal Communication Studies Division [V] requirement.  These courses are designed to introduce students to the ways in which information and ideas are expressed using a communication system other than English.  Such courses should foster the student’s ability to conceptualize and communicate in an orderly, rational manner.  Characteristics of a communication system include: 1) possession of a grammar; 2) operation from an established set of rules; 3) reasoning properties such as deduction, inference drawing and problem solving.  This includes courses in languages and those in which the central focus of the course is on statistics, computers or formal logic.

A student may not enroll in the same course more than two times.  If a student must take a course for the third time, he or she must first take the prerequisite course(s) and obtain a grade of "B-" or better in each.

Students majoring in Secondary Education Mathematics or minoring in Secondary Education Mathematics must maintain a GPA of 2.70 or greater with no grade below a "C" in the professional education sequence, the major and/or minors and required cognates combined.

All non-teaching majors and minors offered by the department require a 2.00 or higher overall GPA in required courses and a grade of "C" or better in each required course.  All students must pass prerequisite courses with a grade of "C-" or higher unless otherwise indicated.

Mathematics courses with a middle digit of "5" will not count toward the requirements of a non-education major or minor.  Students pursuing minors in the department are urged to consult with their adviser in determining an appropriate selection of courses.

Some upper-level courses can also be applied toward graduate credit. See the Northern Michigan University Graduate Bulletin or contact the College of Graduate Studies for more information.

Liberal Studies: Complete information on the liberal studies requirements and additional graduation requirements, including the health promotion requirement, is in the "Liberal Studies Program and Graduation Requirements" section of the undergraduate bulletin.