Math Day 2014

Math Day 2014 a big hit!

After days of preparation, the Elementary Education Math Club opened the doors of the Peter White Library to children passionate about math.  This event, Math Day, was focused on showing children that math can be fun!  Our members prepared interactive and educational activities for kids of all ages to partake in.  These games included:

  • Math 24
  • Sorry
  • A scavenger hunt
  • Addition/multiplication war
  • Color by number
  • Math monsters
  • Trasket ball
  • Bingo

While visiting each station, children were able to acquire "money" that they could use in the end to purchase prizes.  There were twelve students that participated, accompanied by some excited and supportive parents.  We were very pleased at the turnout of this event and cannot wait to host similar events at the Children's Museum and Peter White Library in the future.

NMU Elementary Education Math Club 2014    Math Day_Building Towers    Math Day_Coloring by Number  

Math Day Color by Number Game    Math Day Cupcake Game    Math Day_Playing cupcake game

Math Day 2014_Smiling club member with child    Math Day_Playing math ball    Math Day_Club member laughing with kids  

Math Day Scavenger Hunt    Math Day_Tangrams Game  

Math Day_Kids playing trashket ball    Math Day_Playing war addition