Math Club

2016 Fall Semester Meetings

Mondays @ 6:00-7:00 pm JXJ 2201

Math and Computer Science Department

Advisor: Professor Amy Barnsley

The Math Club mission is to create a student organization made up of students who share the commonality of math (i.e. majors, minors, or slight interest) and who are willing to share their time with a group to create friendships through activities and homework help sessions.  The club although it has mathematical origins it is not solely math driven.

The Math Club was originally established in 1969.  Past activities the club sponsored and was involved in were dances, soccer, volleyball, and ice-broomball games, student/faculty presentations, as well as movie nights.  One highlight speaker in particular was Jamie Escalante of “Stand and Deliver.”

A major aspect of the Math Club is the service it provides the University and the community.  Club members volunteer as tutors to university students who are struggling with mathematics.  The local middle and high school students often request tutors (usually paid positions) who are generally Math Club members.

The Math Club is also an important factor in helping to facilitate the annual U.P. High School Math Challenge held on the campus of NMU.

Finally, the Math Club houses NMU's student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. Between fifteen and twenty students are chapter members. For reduced rates, they receive various MAA journals and can attend Michigan MAA section meetings. Locally, chapter members have keys to the Math Lab which they can use as a meeting/study room.

For more information on the Math Club, please contact:

Dr. Amy Barnsley
Office: JXJ 2210