MA 361 Course Description



Prerequisite: MA 265 (Calculus III) or permission of instructor

Offered: Winter

Course Description

First-order equations, theory of second-order linear equations, higher-order linear equations and systems, series solutions, Laplace transform and applications, and stability.

Course Content

  1. Degree and Order of a Differential Equation
    • General solutions
    • Particular solutions
    • Singular solutions
  2. Equations of First Order and First Degree
    • Variables
    • Separable exact equations
    • Homogeneous equations
    • Integrating factors
    • Linear equations of the
  3. Equations of First Order but not of First Degree
    • Equations that can be resolved into component equations of the first degree
    • Equations solvable for y, solvable for x, homogeneous equations in x and y
    • Claraut's form
  4. Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients
    • Characteristic equation with distinct and multiple roots
    • Methods for obtaining particular integrals in case when the right hand member is of the type
  5. Linear Equations with Variable Coefficients
  6. Integration in Series
    • Legendre's equations
    • Bessel's equations
    • Riccati's equations
  7. Equations of Second Order
    • Usual methods for solving second order equations
    • Introduction to Partial Differential Equations