MA 310 Course Description



Prerequisite: MA 211 and CS120.

Offered: Winter


This course is required for all Math/Secondary Education students, and it may be taken as a mathematics elective for Math/CS majors. In this course, students will learn to model real systems and will become aware of the interplay among diverse branches of mathematics and computing by working on a wide range of applied problems. Many of the problem activities will be done cooperatively so students will learn to work as a team and will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills.

Most of our mathematics courses are content oriented and lead to goals of building skills, concepts, and knowledge in mathematics. Unlike these courses, MA 310 is aimed at motivating students to use the mathematics they have already learned, or to learn the requisite mathematics, in order to build models of real systems. This course will treat applications of mathematics in a variety of fields. Students will also be expected to make a variety of presentations related to coursework.

Course Content:

The preceding discussion suggests the ingredients for a typical focus of the course:

1. George Polya's Problem Solving Strategies;

2. Dynamic Processes used in Modeling including mathematical analysis and interpretation;

3. Calculator Based Laboratory experiments;

4. PowerPoint presentations on regression models developed in class on Acidic Deposition