MA 250 Course Description



Prerequisite: MA 151 (Mathematics for the Elementary School Teacher II)

Offered: Fall

NOTE: May not be applied toward a non-teaching major or minor in mathematics.

General Introduction

The course explores the structure of algebra in relation to the elementary school curriculum. topics include variables, functions, algebraic structures, and applications.


The course is designed to improve the mathematical background of the students and to provide them with a perspective of the Algebraic Strand in the school curriculum.

The students will:

  1. become more aware of the ubiquitous use of variables
  2. extend their knowledge of the use of functions
  3. develop an awareness of historical accomplishments in algebra
  4. understand the structural properties of algebraic systems
  5. learn ideas from set theory, logic, modular arithmetic and matrices
  6. develop an understanding of the role of word problems in the curriculum
  7. explore applications of algebra to the curriculum
  8. find additional resources on the web
  9. investigate the role of technology in the learning of mathematics
  10. experience cooperative learning when solving problems

Course Content

  1. Algebraic structures
    1. Operations
    2. Properties
    3. Logic, set theory
    4. Curricular considerations
  2. Algebraic Concepts
    1. Variable
    2. Functions
    3. Matrices
    4. Systems of equations
    5. Modular arithmetic
    6. Curricular considerations

Problem Solving
1. Historical
2. Word problems
3. Cooperative learning
4. Web resources
5. Technology
6. Curricular considerations