MA 100 Course Description



Prerequisite: MA090 (Passed with a C- or better) or satisfactory score on the Math Placement Exam.

Offered: Fall, Winter, Summer

General Introduction

The study of polynomials, graphing, algebraic fractions, radicals, lines and linear equations and inequalities, quadratic and exponential equations and systems of equations. Applications are emphasized.

General Introduction and Goals

MA100 counts as an elective for a baccalaureate degree but does not fulfill the liberal studies requirements. Although MA100 is required for some majors, students most often take it to prepare themselves for additional math courses.

Course Content

  1. Linear Equations in two variables and their graphs
    • Slope of a line
    • Writing equations of lines
    • Solving systems of equations: algebraic and geometric methods
    • Solving systems of equations in three variables (optional)
  2. Polynomial Arithmetic
    • Adding, subtracting, multiplying polynomials
    • Factoring
  3. Quadratic Equations
    • Graphs of quadratics
    • Solving quadratic equations - graphing, factoring
    • Quadratic formula
    • Equations quadratic in form
  4. Rational Expressions and Fractional Equations
    • The arithmetic of rational expressions
    • Solving fractional equations
  5. Exponents
    • Integral and rational exponents
    • Scientific notation
    • Radicals
  6. Functions
    • Functional notation
    • Graphing functions
    • Variation
  7. Geometric Applications
    • Distance formula
    • Perimeter, area and volume of geometric figures