CS 491 Syllabus

Supervisor Prof. John Sarkela
Office: (906) 227-1597
e-mail: jsarkela@nmu.edu
  1. Accepted or hired by an employer for an Internship position

  2. Completion of Internship Application forms

  3. Signed Add Card for CS491

  1. Monthly (or every 4 weeks) report including a discussion of assigned projects for the period plus a summary of how the time was used. Reports must be typewritten or computer generated. Refer to the attached sample.

  2. written final report describing in some detail the projects worked on during the internship period and how the internship experience has benefited you. Refer to the attached sample.

  3. An oral presentation to a CS class about your internship experience. The presentation should be about 20 minutes in length with appropriate overheads included. Your oral presentation will be previewed by the internship supervisor.