CS 302 Course Description



Prerequisite: Six credit hours in CS or CIS numbered 120 or above, system administration experience, or consent of instructor.

Offered: Winter

Course Description

This is a general course in Unix system administration.

Course Outline

  • Installing an operating system
  • User account management including the sharing of account information over a network
  • Printer management including networked printing
  • Disk management including quotas
  • Network connectivity
  • Sharing files over a network
  • Installing various servers including a web server
  • Electronic mail management
  • Security in a networked environment
  • Performance tuning

In addition, students will learn substantial troubleshooting skills. Security will be discussed including various attacks against a computer or network, how to detect them, and how to stop them.

This class will consist of a mixture of three components. There will be lecture presentations of new material by the instructor, and a substantial number of meetings in a laboratory setting intended to solve the real world problems presented by the material.