CS 255 Course Description



Satisfies the formal communication studies requirement [Division V]

Prerequisite: MA150 (Mathematics for the Elementary School Teachers I) with a C or better or permission of instructor

Offered: Winter

General Introduction

The course serves as an introduction to technology in education. The primary focus will be the use of computers and the Internet in education. The course projects concentrate on applications relevant to the school curricula.


The course is intended to provide students with skills and knowledge of technology in education. Students will develop projects for various levels of topics appropriate to the classroom.

The students will:

  1. gain first hand experiences with technology in an educational setting
  2. experience first hand how the internet can become a valuable resource and an integral part of the curriculum
  3. practice using aspects of computer software that are common across platforms
  4. learn how to integrate media into lessons
  5. design lessons that employ computers.

Course Content

  1. Basics
    1. Accessing materials on the Internet
    2. Researching using the Internet
  2. Modern computer software in education
    1. Word Processing
    2. Editors
    3. PowerPoint
    4. Spreadsheets
    5. Java

1. Integration within the curriculum
2. Communication
3. Creating websites
4. Generating lessons and other materials for the classroom and installing it on a website.