Master's in Computer Science

Student coding on their home computer

Change the world with computer science

Graduates of NMU’s master’s degree in computer science will be well prepared to pursue a job in business or industry, as a postsecondary computer science instructor or as a PhD in a research institute. Students will gain a solid command of advanced concepts and skills in design and analysis of algorithms, considered by most as the backbone of computer science.

Customize your degree

Students will choose three major areas in contemporary computer science as their concentration:

  • Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming Languages
  • Theory
  • Networking

You can also select to undertake either a thesis based on research of your choice or a project. The thesis option is best for students planning to pursue a doctorate. The project is ideal for students interested in industry careers; it provides valuable experience that is extremely useful in job interviews and can be tailored to the arena of computer science which interests you the most.

Computer Science is in the Top 5 most in-demand master’s degrees

— National Association of Colleges and Employers