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If the thought of working with computers excites you, you may wish to consider enrolling in the Network Computing major at NMU. Computers are increasingly dominating every aspect of life (social networks, e-mail, video games, smartphone apps, online research, cloud computing/storage, e-commerce, musical composition just to name a few) and, even in less attractive economic times, there is a solid demand for computer professionals.

The Network Computing major emphasizes strong programming skills (including graphics programming and Internet programming), and the component lighter emphasis on mathematics and theory frees the student to pursue his/her own ideas for the future of computing, in the form of a minor or even a second major.

The Network Computing major will help prepare you for a career as a programmer, a systems administrator, a support technician, or in any other career where knowing your way around the Internet (beyond web surfing) and around a computer would be a strong asset (like music or statistics or really just about any career you could name!) Our majors have the opportunity to compete in regional programming contests, to attend undergraduate research conferences, to participate in our student-oriented computing clubs, to earn substantial income and invaluable experience on engineering internships at leading corporations, and even (for our most prepared and dedicated students) to work on original research projects.

As in most other fields, strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills are a must for any professional. Other valuable skills and competencies specific to the computing professions include: knowledge of programming language concepts, the ability to design systems, being flexible to new technological advances, working with teams as well as independently, managing technical teams and projects, and summarizing complex technical issues for non-technical decision makers.

You should begin the resume-building process as soon as you can. The Academic and Career Advisement Center can assist you with career planning, while Career Services will help you fine tune your resume and look for jobs related to your field. In the meantime, the more hands-on experience you have, the better the chances are that you will find a job. Becoming involved in a professional related internship is a way to develop your professional skills and gain experience. Your academic course work is important as well, so be sure to maintain a high grade point average.

Some career options will require a level of education beyond the bachelor’s degree. Internship experience and organizational affiliations are beneficial to persons interested in pursuing any number of professional careers related to Network Computing.  We regularly place students in local and national internships at major technology centers, including Intel Corporation,, and NASA.

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For hundreds of different types of jobs in areas such as computer science, network computing, mathematics, and mathematics education, the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you the training and education needs, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions.

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