Careers in math

Mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental sciences. Mathematicians use theory, computational techniques, algorithms, and the latest computer technology to solve economic, scientific, engineering, financial, and business problems.

Mathematical skills are in great demand in today's workforce. The government, private industry, engineering, and health and environmental fields, and the academic world all require sophisticated mathematical skills to help solve various problems.

If you do decide to pursue Mathematics as a major, you will gain an educational background that many employers seek in job applicants. Your research skills, critical thinking and problem-solving ability, and general analysis skills will be sharpened through your mathematics and computer science courses, and also through various elective courses.  Moreover, skills and competencies you acquire during your time at NMU will be well-utilized when you enter the job market or continue your education in graduate school. Communication skills are absolutely necessary in any career field today, so be sure to cultivate strong speaking and writing skills. Employers need people who are able to communicate effectively with others.

You should begin the resume-building process as soon as you can. The Academic and Career Advisement Center can assist you with career planning, while Career Services will help you fine tune your resume and look for jobs related to your field. In the meantime, the more hands-on experience you have, the better the chances are that you will find a job. Becoming involved in a professional related internship is a way to develop your professional skills and gain experience. Your academic course work is important as well, so be sure to maintain a high grade point average

A bachelor's degree in mathematics is the minimum education needed for prospective mathematicians. In the federal government, entry-level job candidates usually must have a four-year degree with a major in mathematics.

A minor or second major in business or economics may be helpful for some of these fields of interest.

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