Mathematics and Computer Science Has a New Major!
Embedded Systems

This major is for those Computer Science students who would like to do both hardware and software.

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Congratulations Adam Martin

NCAA Elite 90!

NMU's Martin gets NCAA Elite 90  


Math Club at Make a Difference Day

Math Club Meets Mondays from 6:00-7:00 pm in JXJ 2201!




GRE Prep Summer Sessions

Mondays and Tuesdays, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, in Jamrich Hall Room 2311. Hosted by Professor Andy Poe.


Final Colloquium Series event of Winter 2016 honors graduates and provides a "roast" of the Mathematics and Computer Science department's favorite theorems.

2016 U.P. High School Math Challenge A Success!

Watch highlights and interviews by clicking the links below! You can also view images and highlights on the NMU Math and Computer Science Facebook page!

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want to know what's on your final exam

FACTORING! It’s everywhere!!! Students need this skill to succeed in all of our classes.


45% of problems on MA100 final exam have some sort of factoring

13% of problems on MA103 final exam have some sort of factoring

36% of problems on MA104 final exam have some sort of factoring

Teaching the ac-method of factoring quadratics ties new learning to student's prior knowledge and understanding of multiplying binomials. Exploring the deeper subtleties of the ac-methods leads to a method for factoring third degree polynomials.We can call this new method the ad-method

Brooklyn bound

Gwen Hoenke is a Secondary Education-Mathematics major who is using her amazing talents to further quality education for a lower-income population in Brooklyn, New York.

Congratulations Gwen and thank you for being a superior Wildcat, from the Mathematics and Computer Science Department!

student spotlight

February Student Spotlight


What drives you as a student?

I am constantly driven by a desire to do and be more. In order to better serve the people that I will be working with in my future, it is imperative that learn different strategies to assist them. In my experiences on campus and in my program, I have enlightening moments when I recognize that the ideas I have been struggling to learn in my classes are relevant here and now.

What do you hope to accomplish before you graduate?

Before I graduate, I am hoping to continue to reach out to more of my fellow students and offer them the support that they need in order to succeed. I have been so fortunate to have great connections and a wonderful support system on campus, and I believe that I have a moral obligation to extend the same courtesy to others.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

After graduation, I am hoping to work as a resource program teacher for students with math learning disabilities in either an upper elementary or middle school setting. My hope is to reach out to students who struggle with math before they develop a dislike for it; I think that the best time to do this is when math begins to become more complicated.

Any advice or motivation for other students thinking of becoming a Math Ed major?

Having a passion for mathematics, sharing it with others is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life. When a student's eyes light up with the understanding of a concept, the feeling of pride that you have in him or her is unmatchable. Knowing that you were instrumental in that process also creates a unique kind of pride in yourself as a teacher. You grow to not only understand the material, but also how people learn. Do not let the fear of entering the teaching profession keep you from pursuing a passion in mathematics education.

The rewards of growing as a learner and teacher are well worth the risk

Spotlight of the Month January 2016
Adam Martin

Succeeding in college is a feat of its own. Add on a double major, an amazing GPA, and success at the NCAA Nordic Skiing Championships, and you have our Mathematics and Computer Science Spotlight of the month. Fearless doesn't begin to describe Adam Martin.  

Why NMU?

"I decided to come to NMU so that I could ski under Sten Fjeldheim as my coach, who I believe is the best Nordic skiing coach in the country. Now that I am here, I am immensely appreciative for the willingness of my professors to work with me individually; I believe this one-on-one attention is unique at NMU."

What drives Adam?

"Two things come to mind. First, I am a very competitive person, so often this aligns well with 'succeeding' according to common athletic and academic markers. Second, and perhaps more important, I feel that my time is valuable, so it is very gratifying for me to use it working towards a goal." 

What would you like to leave as your "legacy" at NMU?

"In my remaining time at NMU, I would like to ski well at NCAA's and complete my Mathematics and Computer Science programs as a top student. Furthermore, I would like to leave here with the necessary academic background to pursue further education at a top university and sufficient skiing aptitude to make professional skiing viable." 

If you see Adam on campus or on the trails this month, congratulate him on his success as a Wildcat at Northern Michigan University!


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Emeritus John Kiltinen and his wife, Pauline were honored by the Finnish Government! Read on to learn more!

Congratulations John and Pauline!

Laughs were had at the Ore Dock Brewery during Science on Tap featuring the Mathematics Department's Professor Daniel Rowe!