Math Problem of the Month Contest

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department at NMU is happy to invite you to participate in the 2019-2020 Problem of the Month Contest to have a little fun and get a little recognition.  This activity is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS).  The first student to submit a correct answer will be the winner for the month and will receive a prize. The top problem solver for the year will be invited to attend the US National Collegiate Mathematics Championship. There will be a prize each month for the winner as well. 

2019 September Problem of the Month


- You must be an undergraduate and enrolled in coursework at Northern Michigan University.
- You must write your solutions clearly and show all of your work.
- You must secure multiple pages together.
- You must bring your solution to the math office and drop it in the box provided.
- You must Include your name, NMU IN, address, phone, e-mail, and date and time of your submission.
- The first correct solution will be the winner for the month.
- All correct solutions will be recognized.

For additional information please contact Dr. Hadi Shafei at 227-1841 or via email