Study Abroad Programs

NMU offers many study-abroad programs each year. It’s always a great pleasure to hear stories from students abroad. The following students have studied language(s) at the department before exploring the world on their own. Click on the link to read about their cross-cultural experiences.

Nicky Kumerow and Marsha Moffett--Cuba (Summer 2012)

Marina Macias Sevde--Spain (Summer 2011)

Denise Leinonen--India (Winter 2011)

Natasha Gallagher--Cuba (Winter 2011)

Amanda Emerson--Chile (Fall 2010)

Ben Scheelk--Chile (Fall 2010)

Jacinda Bowman--France (Fall 2010)

Crystal Falvo--China (Fall 2010)

Megan Munyan--Brazil (Winter 2010)

Student Teaching Abroad

NMU students have the opportunity to fulfill their student teaching requirement abroad. The following students have or are teaching in a country outside of the United States. Click on the link to read about their teaching experience, and their advice for finding placement in a school abroad. 

Maria Hoffman--(Winter 2013)