Spanish Language Bowl

Spanish Language Bowl


Competition Schedules

Spanish 2

Spanish 3


General Instructions

A. Teams must consist of five members; teams will not be allowed to compete with fewer than five members. Once the competition has begun, there can be no substitutions.

B. All questions will be asked in Spanish and will be appropriate to each level.  All questions will be selected at random from a pool of questions consisting of the following types of questions in the proportions indicated:

40% grammar (including morphology and syntax).

EX: Ponga esta frase en el pretérito: "Ando hasta la plaza.

ANS: Anduve hasta la plaza

EX: Ponga el verbo "saber" en el presente del indicativo en la forma "yo."


  • 2nd Year: Present indicative, present progressive and preterit verb tenses

  • 3rd Year: Present indicative, present progressive, preterit, imperfect, future, and present perfect verb tenses

  • 4th Year: All tenses

20% geography, history, culture and current events.

EX: ¿Cuál es la capital del Perú

ANS: Lima

EX: ¿Cuál fue la fecha del descubrimiento de América?​

ANS: 12 de octubre de 1492

EX: ¿Quién pintó "Vista de Toledo"?

ANS: El Greco

EX: ¿En qué país hay mariachis?

ANS: México

EX: ¿Dónde mandan los sandinistas?

ANS: Nicaragua

40% vocabulary, modismos

EX: ¿Cómo se dice en español "the umbrella"?

ANS: El paraguas

EX: ¿Cómo se dice en inglés "echar de menos"?

ANS: To miss

D. Due to the number of participating teams, it is important that you check the schedule upon arrival.  It will be posted at several locations throughout the building.  You must have your team in the proper room by the time the competition is scheduled to begin.  Those teams not in place at the proper, exact hour, will forfeit.

E. The actual game will proceed as follows.  All questions will be answered by individuals.  Each team will have a “Jeopardy” style, handheld buzzer that will be passed from teammate to teammate, always to the right (except of course, when the player on the far right passes it to the teammate on the far left)

1) LEAD-IN QUESTIONS:  “Lead-in” questions are worth two points and involve a player from each team.  The first player to buzz in will get the first chance to answer.

a) If the answer is correct, the buzzer-holder on the team which answered correctly will have the first chance at a bonus question.

b) If the answer is incorrect, the buzzer-holder from the other team gets a chance to answer.  If correct, the buzzer-holder on the team which answered correctly will have the first chance at a bonus question. If both players give an incorrect answer, both teams pass the buzzer to the right, and the next question will be another "lead-in" question.

2) BONUS QUESTIONS:  “Bonus” questions are worth one point. Teams may confer, in Spanish, but only the buzzer-holder can give an official answer to the judge.

a) If the team which answered the “lead-in” question answers the bonus question correctly, both teams pass the buzzer.

b) If the team answers incorrectly, the other team gets a chance at the question.

Whether correct or not, both teams pass the buzzer (followed by a “lead-in” question).


"Lead-in" Questions: On “lead-in” questions, the first player to buzz in must give the answer immediately. If the answer is incorrect, the second player will have only 5 seconds to begin an answer after hearing the question repeated. 

Bonus Questions: A player has 5 seconds to answer a “bonus” question. If a player does not meet these guidelines, the answer will be judged as incorrect.

G. If the game time expires while a question or answer is being given, the moderator will allow play to proceed until the end of the question.

H. At the end of the playing time (10 minutes), the team with the most points will be declared the victor and will advance to the next round of competition.

I. In case of a tie at the end of the allotted time period, the first team to answer a “lead-in” question correctly will win.  THERE WILL BE NO BONUS QUESTIONS in the overtime period!

J. The decision of the moderator is final.  Teachers or students who perceive there has been an error should report it to Amy Orf, who is overseeing this year's competition.


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