Show and Tell

General Instructions

  1. Students will participant individually. Each will bring some object to talk about. It can be some piece of realia (an authentic object from the foreign culture), a picture, a model, an object the student has made, a sandbox city, a game or even something creative not listed, but in this category.
  2. Students will give the Show and Tell Entry Form to the judges.
  3. Students will introduce themselves and begin the presentation all in Spanish. The presentation may be memorized, but is not to be read, nor are notes to be used.
  4. The presentation is to have been prepared by the student, not by a teacher, nor taken directly from another source, (person or printed material, etc.). The teacher may help with expressions, grammar and choice of vocabulary words.
  5. The presentation should last between two to three minutes. Failure to stay within the time limit will result in a penalty.
  6. The student will be judged on self expression, pronunciation and projection, content, conformity to time limit, and response to questions. Communicative effectiveness will be considered very important. Occasional grammar errors which do not affect comprehension will be overlooked.
  7. Judges may ask some simple questions about the object such as "¿Eso se encuentra en todos los países hispánicos?"

Examples of Possible Presentations:

a. Show a corn tortilla and tell how it is made and how it is the base of many Mexican dishes. Show how it can serve as a bread, a spoon, a napkin, etc.

b. Show a model or floor plan of a typical Spanish-type home and point out how it is arranged — the patio, the maid's room, etc.

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