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Dr. Timothy Compton
Department of Languages, Literatures and International Studies
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Northern Michigan University
Marquette MI 49855


Dear Professor Compton:

I'm ________________________________ (print your name here) from __________________________________ (your school's name) School.

My school address is _______________________________________________________

and my school phone number is _____________________________________________

My home phone number is _________________________________________________

and my home address is ___________________________________________________

My e-mail address is ______________________________________________________

(The above information will NOT be published or distributed.)

We're planning on attending NMU's Spanish Field Day with approximately:

____ 2nd year students,
____ 3rd year students,
____ 4th year students,
and ____ teacher(s).

Based on a preliminary count, our school plans to have the following number of entries for the competitions indicated. (Students must participate in at least one, and can do more than one if they so desire.)

Event Year in Spanish
Second Third  Fourth
Language Bowl--# of teams      
Songs--# of groups of 8 or more      
Songs--# of groups of 7 or less      
Show and Tell      

Note: Please indicate whether you will bring any student native speakers or students who have lived for three or more months in a Spanish-speaking country.

Thank you for your replies! Nos vemos pronto.