Jesse Greenleaf

Meet Jesse

Majors and year of graduation: Spanish; 2007 (Minor: Latin American Studies)

Jesse Greenleaf is native to Marquette, Michigan and attended NMU from 2003-2007. His major was Spanish language and his minor was Latin American Studies. Jesse studied abroad for one year in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2006). His Spanish improved greatly by being in a Spanish-speaking environment. He always spoke Spanish with his Colombian co-workers and friends.

Jesse has fond memories about his experience at NMU. As he recalls, “My favorite memory is associating myself with the intelligent faculty at NMU, especially with those from the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The quality and expertise of the classes were superb and I often look back on those memories and miss being home.” Jesse is always proud to be a Wildcat!

After graduating from NMU, Jesse went to South Korea and taught English there for two years. Currently, he is a teaching assistant at Minnesota State University (MNSU), where he instructs Elementary Spanish classes (2009-2011) and is completing his MA in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Knowing a second language has helped Jesse greatly. He receives a full waiver in tuition and a living stipend for his graduate studies. It has also allowed him to meet countless numbers of people who he cherishes as friends. Added to these is the benefit of speaking to local people when traveling to Latin America. Jesse says, “Having a broad idea of why you want to study a foreign language will greatly help form your future after you graduate.”