Jaime VanEnkevort'12


Majors and year of graduation: Secondary German and English Education; 2012

Jaime VanEnkevort is a native Yooper, hailing from the small town of Bark River, Michigan. She has three great loves in her life: food, nature, and family. A lover of art and culture, Jaime is interested in the German Expressionist movement and also appreciates the work of Egon Schiele and Hundertwasser. One day, she hopes to write poetry as gracefully as Rilke and honestly as Jack Gilbert.

1. What is your Fulbright plan?

My Fulbright plan is teaching! While the traditional Fulbright is a research grant, the program has been expanded, especially in Germany and Austria, to include English Teaching Assistantships. I'll be assisting in secondary English classrooms in Austria, acting as a cultural representative and diplomat.

2. What, when and where are you going (to be)?

I'll be placed in Kitzbuehel, Austria, starting mid-September of 2012. It's a rural area right on the base of the Alps; it's in the western state of Tyrol. Dr. Jon Sherman mentioned that it's internationally renowned for skiing.

I'll return in May or June of 2013; it's a nine month grant. If the schools like having you, they can ask you back for another year.

3. What are you up to this semester of Winter 2012?  Are you graduating in May 2012?

This semester has been wild. I'm completing my student teaching this Wednesday, May 2nd at Marquette Alternative High School. I've been so fortunate to be placed at the Alternative; the teaching methods are innovative and applicable to the real world, the students are diverse and unique, and the staff/faculty are some of most compassionate, intelligent, and energetic people I've ever worked with.

I'm graduating with my teaching certification in Secondary German and English in May, and I'm looking forward to the Education Banquet and getting pinned as a new teacher on May 4th.

4. Anything else you’d like to share with NMU fellow students?

I just want to re-iterate a message someone once passed on to me that I didn't necessarily like hearing at the time, but helped me to keep pursuing what I wanted: Don't give up. Don't feel bad for yourself. Keep trying.

This is the third time I applied for a Fulbright, and many, many different applications for various study abroad grants and programs came before this. Don't give up - keep working toward your goals.

To read more about the Austrian Fulbright, please visit its website: http://www.fulbright.at/