French Mentoring

Students of FR 201 and 202 meet students of FR 101 and 102 for three or four required mentoring sessions each semester.  Students in the second year language course continue to advance their skills in French language and culture and even start reading some simple French literary texts.  It is useful for them to share the knowledge they gain.  Part of the mentoring sessions will involve assisting the mentees with their educational display for the Children’s Museum.

Many second year students, because they have chosen to continue to study French, have made a point of exploring French films, preparing French recipes, learning how to study better to learn a foreign language, and have explored how French would be useful to them in their future careers, and graduate school studies.  Second-year students are more likely to review grammar and other elements of their learning of French culture, language, and its applicability to career and future studies, in and outside of class, if they need to present it to a group of beginners.  All of this additional knowledge is very useful to the first-year students in their studies in the classroom, and as they decide how to present the information they learn in class with the educational displays for the Children’s Museum.  If it comes from student colleagues, this is particularly motivating to beginning learners.  Together, the first and second year students will make a formidable team in sharing information with the rest of the community through the educational displays. 

To share knowledge is the most effective way to learn the material and to make learning a memorable experience.  Through the Mentoring Program, both students in the second year and in the first year have a chance to better internalize information about French language, and culture, and then to share this knowledge with the community at large through the educational displays at the museum.