Foreign Film Series

Winter Cuban Film Series

NMU Cuban film series

March 19 - April 24

All of the films in this series will be shown in the Language Resource Center and are free and open to the public. English subtitles will be provided. For more information, email Professor Amy Orf at

Wednesday, March 19

Time: 5:00pm

Film: Yo soy Cuba (“I am Cuba”) (1964) (141 minutes) Details: This joint Soviet/Cuban film tells four separate stories representing the Cuban condition immediately prior to the revolution.

Thursday, March 20

Time: 6:00pm

Film: Memorias del subdesarrollo (“Memories of Underdevelopment”) (1968) (97 minutes) Details: This film follows Sergio, a bourgeois intellectual who decides to stay in Cuba when his family flees the island at the outset of the revolution. 

Monday, March 24

Time: 5:30pm


Film: Aventuras de Juan Quin Quin (“Adventures of Juan Quin Quin”) (1967) (104 minutes)

Details: Juan Quin Quin is a poor young man living in rural Cuba in the 1950s. He joins the Revolution and leads a group of rebels in an attack on military barracks to steal guns and ammunition. 

Thursday, March 27

Time: 7:00pm

Film: Lucía (1968) (159 minutes) Details: This films follows three women named Lucía at different points in Cuban history: the 1890s, the 1930s, and the 1960s. 

Monday, March 31

Time: 5:30pm

Film: Cecilia (1981) (127 minutes) Details: Cecilia is a drama focused on the love story between an upper-class white man and a poor mulatto girl in 1830s Cuba. Other themes include slavery and the threat of revolution. 

Thursday, April 3

Time: 7:00pm

Film: Hasta cierto punto (“Up to a Certain Point”) (1983) (80 minutes) Details: Oscar and Arturo are planning to make a film about machismo among Cuban dockworkers. They conduct research by interviewing men and women who work on the docks. However, during the process, Oscar, a married man, falls in love with Lina, one of the dock workers. 

Monday, April 7

Time: 5:30pm

Film: Fresa y chocolate (“Strawberry and Chocolate”) (1994) (104 minutes) Details: David is a heterosexual communist student at the University of Havana. At the Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor he meets Diego, an idealistic homosexual. Diego pursues David, but the two decide to just be friends and realize that they are not that different. 

Thursday, April 10

Time: 5:00pm

Film: Azúcar amarga (“Bitter Sugar”) (1996) (102 minutes) Details: Gustavo, an idealistic young Cuban communist who hopes to study aeronautical engineering in Prague, falls in love with Yolanda, a dancer who longs to escape to Miami. However, Gustavo grows more and more disenchanted by the problems that he sees around him. 

Monday, April 14

Time: 5:30pm

Film: Buena Vista Social Club (1999) (105 minutes) Details: This is a documentary about a group of Cuban musicians who played at the Buena Vista Social Club in the 1940s and 50s, but who were largely forgotten after the “Triumph of the Revolution.” They were rediscovered by American guitarist Ry Cooder in 1996 and achieved world-wide fame with their Grammy-winning album Buena Vista Social Club

Thursday, April 17

Time: 7:00pm

Film: Efectos personales (“Personal Belongings”) (2007) (95 minutes) Details: Ernesto has wanted to leave Cuba for years. Ana’s family left on a raft but she decided to stay. As luck would have it, Ernesto and Ana fall in love, but Ana knows she can´t ask Ernesto to stay in Cuba, and he knows he can’t ask her to leave. 

Monday, April 21

Time: 5:30pm

Film: Paraíso (“Paradise: Freedom is Murder”) (2009) (100 minutes) Details: Iván is a Cuban balsero who arrives in the U.S. on the remnants of a raft and begins to “live the good life” in Miami, reunited with his father who had left Cuba when Iván was still a child.

Thursday, April 24

Time: 5:00pm

Film: 90 Miles (2001) (55 minutes) Details: This PBS documentary was directed by Cuban exile Juan Carlos Zaldívar. It tells the story of how Zaldívar’s family came to the U.S. during the Mariel boat lift.