CQI Projects

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Projects

CQI Projects derive primarily from the following three sources:

Accreditor Feedback: HCL and peer reviewers regularly provide feedback, which includes notes on the needs for improvement.  That feedback, particularly where repeated over time, should be used to stimulate CQI work on campus.

Service Unit Objectives: Projects are based on annual assessment of service units whose objectives align with strategic initiatives that impact all areas of campus and support continuation of accreditation.   

Campus Solicitation: Projects result from suggestions from all areas of campus – including student and employee groups, committees, task forces, President’s Council, and division heads.  


Benefits of CQI Projects

Students, faculty, and staff from across campus can participate in CQI Project teams. Since launching its first Action Project in 2003 under the AQIP structure, NMU’s engagement of campus community members in Action Project activity produced constructive outcomes with HLC, such as positive annual reports, positive Systems Appraisal reviews, and reaffirmation of accreditation. CQI Projects will keep NMU on track for continued positive outcomes with HLC now that we are an Open Pathway institution.


CQI Project Objectives

To benefit students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders, CQI Projects should in a one- to two-year timeframe:

  • Make significant and visible difference to institutional performance.
  • Address a specific performance need, seeking outcomes that would not happen ordinarily. 
  • Target challenging but attainable goals.
  • Focus on efficiency in seeking to benefit students and other stakeholders.
  • Projects also might explore potential long-term institutional initiatives at small scales.


Questions & Suggestions

To ask questions, get started, or submit ideas, contact Dan Cullen

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