International Undergraduate Application Instructions

COVID-19 Information

For students who have trouble submitting academic documents due to the COVID-19 situation: 

Secondary School Documents (U.S. and Canadian High School Transcripts): NMU will accept unofficial secondary school academic documents in order to make an admission decision if students cannot obtain officials at this time. Students must provide official copies before they will receive their immigration documentation (I20). 

Secondary and Post-Secondary School Documents (Transcripts NOT from U.S. or Canadian High Schools): Students should submit secondary and post-secondary school documents through any NACES- approved evaluator. 

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Step 1: Submit your application for admission

  • Students who have not attended any college or university after secondary school must apply to NMU as first-year students.
  • Students who have attended any college or university after completing secondary school MUST apply to NMU as a transfer student.
  • Students who have a Bachelor’s or higher degree and wish to pursue another undergraduate degree (in a field other than that of their previous degree) must apply as a post-baccalaureate student.

International Students on NMU's Campus

Step 2: Pay your $35 application fee

International Students on NMU's Campus

Step 3: Submit your official academic documents

  • Post-Secondary Transcripts from a U.S. or Canadian Institution must come directly to NMU from the Institution
  • Post-Secondary Transcripts from outside the U.S. or Canada must be submitted through an external credential evaluator
    • Only ONE external credential evaluation* is required:  
    • Students must ask the evaluator to send an official copy of their University transcript directly to NMU 
      • To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly from the evaluator (or directly from the issuing institution in a sealed envelope) 
      • Please request a Course by Course Evaluation AND Transcript Verification.

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Step 4: Submit Your Official English Language Test Scores


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Step 5: Submit Your Certification of Finances

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Additional Step for First-Year Students

Step 6: Submit Official SAT/ACT Test Results - Only students from the U.S. and Canada are required to submit an SAT or ACT score.

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Additional Step for Transfer Students 

Step 6: Submit Official Secondary School Academic Documents 

If fewer than 12 semester credit hours of post-secondary study (approximately one semester) have been completed, submit official secondary school academic documents 


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Additional Information for Post-Baccalaureate Students 

Post-baccalaureate students do not qualify for NMU's first-year or transfer scholarships.

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International Programs
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See E-Ship Global for options to ship documents to/from Northern Michigan University. 

*Students may choose which NACES-approved evaluator they want to use. Here is some information to consider: 

  • SpanTran can start the evaluation with an emailed copy of your transcripts while they wait for the official documents to arrive. They complete their evaluation in 5 business days (once all required documents have been received).
  • WES is the most expensive option and typically takes longer than other options, but usually gives the most generous U.S. grade and credit equivalency recommendations.