Top Ten Activities


1. Lake Superior*

In late August and early September, there might still be some hot days suited to jumping in the lake. Play volleyball or Frisbee on the beach with some friends. If you are not a swimmer, you will enjoy walking along the shore or having a picnic. *CAUTION! The lake is powerful and dangerous. Click HERE for safety information.


2. Peter White Public Library

Enjoy a good book as well as a good view of Marquette from the second floor. There you will see the biggest cathedral in the Upper Peninsula tucked among the trees. Don’t forget to check out the CD and movie collections. Most are free (or inexpensive) to borrow from the library.


3. Mattson Lower Harbor Park

Take a long walk through Downtown to Lower Harbor. There might even be a concert, an art show, or a food festival. If the park is empty, you can invite some friends to kick a soccer ball around or play other games in the open field. Relax on the benches and enjoy the sun while watching sailboats glide through the harbor.


4. Presque Isle Park - “The Island”

This small peninsula is a beautiful wooded park where you can bike, hike or swim. It is not uncommon to see deer, raccoons and other small animals. View unique fall colors in October when the trees change to vibrant hues of red, orange and gold. Remember to take a camera with you!

Marquette_Lighthouse_Sunrise.jpg 5. Sunrise by the Lighthouse

Near Lower Harbor park is a long concrete and rock breakwall by a large red lighthouse. This is a spectacular place to watch the sunrise. Sit on the wall or the beach at McCarty's Cove to enjoy the view. But, you will have to wake up earlier than usual; check the newspaper or web for Marquette weather and sunrise times.


6. Biking around town

Marquette County boasts a paved multi-use path through town and along the lakeshore. Take your bike out, but remember to wear a helmet. Consider going all the way to Presque Isle Park, where you can see huge iron ore ships in the harbor.

Forest Roberts Theater

7. Forest Roberts Theatre

The NMU theatre department puts on four outstanding main productions each season. And don't miss the excellent Northern Nights performing arts series, which features artists from around the world. Reduced-price season tickets for students are available at the ticket offices on campus.


8. Shopping

As fall brings cooler weather and winter draws near, make sure you have enough warm clothes. Find great deals when you visit the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Goodwill, or Salvation Army for used, second-hand clothing. There are also many great shops downtown or in the Westwood Mall to satisfy your needs.


9. Hiking

If you want to see a panorama of Marquette, climb up Sugar Loaf Mountain or Mount Marquette. You can also get a Marquette waterfall map and hike along some of the rivers until you find the falls. The easiest set of waterfalls to find is Dead River Falls, about 10 minutes outside of town.

Laptops_at_Lake.jpg 10. Enjoy what your NMU mobile device can do

Do your friends and family ask about where you live and what NMU is like? Take advantage of your webcam and Wi-Max internet connection to show them! Walk around campus, go to the beach, wander around downtown, and don’t forget to tell those on the other side of the webcam about your experiences in these great places!